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Here are some of the most commonly asked questions and answers about electric fencing. If you don't find the answer to your question here, please contact us.

Yes, but only when correctly designed and installed, using components and designs that meet Australian Standards (AS/NZS 3014:2003 Electrical Installations – Electric Fences) and in compliance with any other government regulatory requirements. This is why it is vital that you consult an expert about the design and installation of any electric fencing.

Yes. All Barracuda electric fences are designed and installed in compliance with the relevant Australian Standards and any other government requirements.

Ultimately, no security system in the world is 100% guaranteed to stop all theft or damage. However, experience has shown that a Barracuda system, especially when combined with a layered security solution provides extremely effective protection for property and other assets.

Thanks to the use of quality components and high standards of workmanship, the costs of operating a Barracuda system are economical and low. Basically they comprise the cost of power to keep the energiser battery charged (through access to either mains power or solar photovoltaic panels) and the cost of a SIM card and mobile service for the gateway unit.

The components of a Barracuda electric fence are guaranteed for 20 years – however you could comfortably expect them to last considerably longer. There is also a 12 month workmanship guarantee and a 2 year guarantee on the energiser unit.

Under normal conditions a Barracuda electric fence is essentially maintenance free. However, visual checks are recommended to ensure its continued safe operation and to remove any potential false alarms, such as vegetation close to the wire/s.

Yes. See the sections on this website about design installation and training and repairing and upgrading.

The Barracuda electric fence and be used as a stand alone system or, as more usually recommended, integrated into a layered security system.

Yes. See the sections on this website about repairing and upgrading.

Yes. See the sections on this website about repairing and upgrading.


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