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Whether you’re protecting an industrial site, commercial premises or government property, Australian Electric Fencing will custom design a Barracuda system to meet your specific requirements.


Don't be an easy target

Don't be the victim, thieves are always looking for targets of opportunity. The least amount of risk for the most amount of gain with the least amount of work.

With a Barracuda monitored pulse fence you instantly become a hard target and when there are easier pickings somewhere else the trouble will migrate somewhere else. The easiest way to stop thieves and vandals from taking or damaging your property is not to let them enter in the first place. So for peace of mind install electric perimeter protection "BARRACUDA" monitored pulse fence, to easy, no more worries, problem solved.

Designed to blend in while optimising security

At Australian Electric Fencing we not only build the most secure, low visual monitored pulse fence on the market "THE BARRACUDA" we also build it without compromising the aesthetics of the area we intend to secure, so you can look good and feel safe.

A Barracuda monitored pulse fence gives you piece of mind and the freedom to do what ever you want, go where ever you want and know your property is always protected. Let your property protect itself.

Components & workmanship built to last

At Australian Electric Fencing we have been designing and building fences for over 30 years. We have had enough time and hands on experience to know what works and what doesn't. We back up our work with a 5 year guarantee on workmanship. The reason we can offer this is because we never have to come back to do the same job twice. Do it once and do it properly the first time. We design and build our security fences to last the life of the wire. A big part of our design is to build a strong but flexible, low visual electric security fence.

All of the Barracuda monitored pulse fences are built from the ground up with the very best of materials. We did not compromise on quality material when we choose to use high quality 316 marine grade stainless steel for all our steel components. From brackets, clamps, springs wires and clips, all made to out last any other product on the market whether it is exposed to the weather, heat, ultra violet light, chemicals or salt air. We support our 316 marine grade stainless steel wires on ultra violet stabilized fiber glass posts. We use the same technology with our Barracuda fiber glass posts as is used for the spreader bars on the high voltage mains power grid cables. With an additional woven matrix on the outside for even more strength and flexibility to increase the working life of our fences beyond any other electric fence on the market.

10,000 volts one thousandth of a second

Take charge of your security. A monitored pulse fence is safe to the public and a Barracuda electric fence is built to Australian/New Zealand standards 3016:2002.

The shock of a monitored pulse fence is non lethal because it only lasts for one thousandth of a second but it still feels like 10,000 volts it has been noted when touched to have been memorable and best not repeated. There are adequate warning signs that make your fence a psychological barrier also. So it is not touched in the first place. Even crooks can read the warning signs. To ensure operational continuity it is battery powered and topped up with either a mains power connection or photovoltic panel.

Built to comply with Australian Standards the energiser can come equipped with a gateway to contact your mobile phone so when the fence is compromised it will initiate other events like lights and cameras. It can run as a stand alone security system with a local alarm or easily interfaced into your existing security system like a glove.

No expensive ongoing operations contracts

When a Barracuda system detects an intruder, it is programmed to call one or more nominated mobile phone numbers. It can also trigger other deterrents such as lights and cameras. Further action is up to you. Whether you choose to have someone inspect the property or notify the police, you can select the appropriate level of response, knowing that you won’t receive an automatic callout bill from a security company.

Your only ongoing costs are a small amount of electricity to keep the battery in the energiser (power unit) charged and a SIM card phone account.

Your system’s status at your fingertips

With one call from your mobile phone to your Barracuda system you can check the security of your property and view the status of the system.

Guaranteed to perform

Every Barracuda monitored pulse fence has a 5 year guarantee on workmanship, a 5 year guarantee on materials and a 2 year cover on the energiser (power unit).


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5 Year Guarantee on Workmanship

We build our electric fencing security systems to last the life of the wire and we use marine grade 316 stainless steel.

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We provide whole solutions to your security problems. Our experience in layered security defense means we can offer multiple options.

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You are protected by our advanced perimeter security system, monitored from your nominated mobile phones. Should it break, we’re only a phone call away.


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