Possum Fencing

Electric Fencing Suited to Possum Control

Electric Fencing Suited to Possum Control


Initial Control

Our aim is for possum control not possum eradication. The primary objective is to identify the problem and the area of control, only once, we’ve identified this, can we talk about budget. There is a perfect possum solution at a cost x maybe the potential client doesn’t want to spend x but somewhere in between o and x. They may tolerate lower possum numbers not just total possum control at a lower fee and as the time goes on they may decide to spend more money on other options for a higher level of security.

As long as every dollar spent is spent on the perfect possum solution. It’s only a matter of time and money before they have the perfect possum plan whatever course we suggest must achieve the aim. The only way we can build a system that has a positive outcome is to identify the problem area and attack that area then prove to the client that, that area is now secure, this is through video surveillance. 

Then we can go on to solve the new problems as they arise.

The client after viewing the problem and the solution happy that his first contribution worked. 

May decide to attack another problem area with another contribution fully knowing the only reason he still has possums is because he didn’t spend x.


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